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I was contemplating all week long about the content of my very first blog… What shall I start writing about? Life in Australia? My career path…till today? Australia- as I see it? My long & not always easy journey to Australia (didn’t know about Education agents …at that point in time). Many other topics crossed my mind: travel, health, family, friends, events, human rights …and the list would go on and on… I’ve even checked out the 2011 Time’s best blogs top – what was I thinking??? Not a very good idea to look at some of the best in the industry before I even started…or is it? Hmmm, inspiring & outstanding! Bravo!   So, in the end I have decided to write about what I’m thinking right here, right now….keep it simple & give you the truth: with good and bad, with blacks and whites and greys( for some)…coz this is who I am…   This evening I found myself in front of the TV, all set up (snacks, drink-H2O, phone…etc) to watch the ARIAs- the best music awards ceremony in Australia (my opinion) and I’ve started to wonder: why do I ALWAYS want to watch the awards ceremonies??? Sometimes I don’t even know all the nominees… And what I’m mostly waiting for, are the acceptance speeches – I know, some people think they’re boring- not for me, I’m telling you so;  I find them SO inspiring- most of them anyway… You see celebrities (more or less) with tears in their eyes, acknowledging and thanking to people who helped them along the way; what really gets me, though (and I start crying, too) is the STORY of their journey…how they’ve started,  sometimes not even really believing that they are already chasing their dreams… how they stood back up on their feet after they fell, how they’ve managed to put the ‘pieces’ back together if they were broken and kept going on and on again… having faith, working hard, believing that it is GOING to happen. When they’re sharing these moments of their lives, I always remember one of the step stones in mine. Even if it happened eight years ago, I can actually see it as clearly as it was yesterday: the moment when my journey to Australia began, in the airport, saying goodbye to family and friends & leaving … not really knowing what the next day will bring.  I left to Australia with one luggage (20kg-carriage limit) full of books, two pairs of beloved shoes (which I just couldn’t let behind); but… with a ‘bag’ full of dreams, determination and faith… I am not famous, or anything like that, but I did achieve MY dream- one of them, at least: to live the life I WANT to live.  In conclusion, the message I want to send across is that, regardless of your background, education or social status, whatever your dream is, CHASE it! It might not happen over night, it might not be a path of roses, but YOU can make it happen! And if  EDUCATION is one of the pieces YOU NEED to complete YOUR puzzle, I’ m here to help you!  My collaborators and I will guide you step by step in achieving your dream career and consequently a much better life!  Cheers! 

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